What comes to your mind when it comes to hearing the word of “palm oil”?

If you ask me what comes to my mind when I am palm oil, I'll be telling you I have heard about it is very good for our human body, in terms of our human's hair, body and facial.

palm-oil benefit

Palm oil are made by so many things that are unable to explain one by one.

Because of palm oil are trans-fat, it was used in many products, it does not matter is food or our daily consume products.

One of the palm products we all sure know is the lotion we used in our daily life. Have you tried using Vaseline before with the small rectangular yellowish green bottle? All of these familiar products we have seen buy palm tree fertiliser in Malaysia palm oil in it.

We seldom hear about red palm oil, but actually red palm oil is equally useful as the original palm oil, which is in the green.

Based on scientific research, palm oil is very useful to our skin, it contains high moisture level.

Palm oil, coconut oil, argan oil, Moroccan oil and fish oil have their own benefits towards human body. Whatever it is, homemade fertiliser is always the better, compared to the filter fertiliser, which is the "non organic".

Basically, all of these oils, palm oil has the most impact and is able to be made in many products for our daily use, even rumours are spreading replacing the petrol oil with palm oil.

Sometimes it is a citizen of Malaysia, I kind of feel proud because palm oil is one of our country's resources.